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Uncle Boats was established in the spring of 2023 when the shared passion for the nautical world and love for beautiful Lake Como converged to offer our customers unforgettable experiences.

Our first skipper, Damiano Baistrocchi, is a well-known figure in the lake area.
With over 15 years of experience, he has been leading tourists to explore the wonders of our lake.
Damiano's extraordinary passion for the nautical world emerged since his childhood when he sailed small toy boats in his bathtub.
With extensive experience and professional qualifications, Damiano knows the lake like the palm of his hand, and his dedication and professionalism are his strengths.
Furthermore, he is fluent in English. This ensures a seamless experience for our international customers.

Our second skipper is Carlo Vaccani, a veritable encyclopedia of the tourism industry.
Carlo grew up amidst restaurants, hotels, bars, and vacation homes, but it was always his love for boats that defined his life.
His father, Sergio, was a celebrated and successful powerboat racer and he passed on to Carlo his extensive knowledge of the nautical world.
Carlo is very familiar with every aspect and individual in the industry, and the lake feels like his second home.
His passion extends beyond just speedboats; he also loves providing tourists with engaging and authentic experiences.

Our fleet is constantly growing, featuring new and well-maintained boat models and Venetian limousines, ensuring comfort and elegance in every tour.

We are a family-owned business, and customer satisfaction is our foremost priority.
In addition to our standard tours, we are ready to accommodate specific requests to create unforgettable experiences, allowing you to enjoy the lake at its best.