Duration 3 hours
Price Starting from €720
Boat Venetian Limousine Torno

Exploring Lake Como by boat:
Villas, mountains and hidden wonders

A three-hour tour with a 30-minute stop of your choice between the gardens of Villa del Balbianello or Bellagio.
following this itinerary:


Choose your preferred departure point from among Argegno, Bellagio, Blevio, Brienno, Cernobbio, Como, Faggeto Lario, Lenno, Lezzeno, Laglio, Moltrasio, Nesso, Ossuccio, Pognana Lario, Sala Comacina, Torno, and Tremezzo.

30-MINUTE STOP to tour the gardens of Villa del Balbianello or Bellagio

You can choose to explore the renowned gardens of Villa del Balbianello or Bellagio, both destinations offering stunning vistas to discover.

Villa Melzi d'Eril

A wonderful historic villa located in Bellagio, surrounded by magnificent neoclassical-style landscaped gardens that include panoramic trails, statues, and a spectacular view of the lake.

Villa Gerli

A neoclassical villa with English-style gardens, located in Bellagio, not far from Villa Melzi.


A Bellagio hamlet where one can admire the small harbor and the beautiful and ancient dock.



(In the next screen, select a starting point of your choice among Argegno, Bellagio, Blevio, Brienno, Cernobbio, Como, Faggeto Lario, Lenno, Lezzeno, Nesso, Ossuccio, Sala Comacina, Torno, and Tremezzo, and a minimum duration of 3 hours)

Our Best Tours

  • Actor Tour (1 hour)

    Actor Tour (1 hour)

    Embark on a one-hour journey to discover the most magnificent villas on the western coast of Lake Como, including Villa Olmo, Villa Erba, Villa Pizzo, and Villa Fontanelle (formerly Gianni Versace's residence), followed by visits to the Urio Castle and George Clooney's Villa Oleandra.


  • Balbianello Tour​ (2 hours)

    Balbianello Tour​ (2 hours)

    Let our guides lead you on a captivating two-hour excursion to the lake's most enchanting villas showcasing Villa Balbiano (the famous House of Gucci), Villa Cassinella, and Villa Balbianello (known as James Bond's home).


  • One Stop Tour (3 hours)

    One Stop Tour (3 hours)

    Choose a three-hour tour, complete with the option to explore the gardens of Villa Balbianello or visit Bellagio. Cruise along both shores of Lake Como, passing by its most splendid villas, including Villa Melzi with its beautiful park, the neoclassical Villa Gerli, and the ancient and picturesque Loppia harbor.


  • Center Lake Tour (4 hours)

    Center Lake Tour (4 hours)

    Experience a wonderful four-hour tour to Bellagio, with a refreshing lunch stop. Alternatively, you can choose to visit Villa Balbianello or Villa Carlotta and stop in Bellagio.


  • Lunch Tour (5 hours)

    Lunch Tour (5 hours)

    Enjoy a beautiful five-hour boating adventure with lunch breaks at one of our recommended restaurants, such as La Tirlindana, offering scenic views of Isola Comacina, or dine at the restaurant within the Musa Resort or Giacomo at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. You can also make a leisurely stop in Bellagio or explore the grand villa parks around the lake.


  • Varenna Tour (6 hours)

    Varenna Tour (6 hours)

    Immerse yourself in a breathtaking six-hour navigation, complete with a visit to Varenna and a lunch break at one of the restaurants recommended by our expert guide. Let them lead you through the world's most beautiful lake, sharing anecdotes and tales from people who lived here centuries ago.


  • Dispo Tour (8 hours)

    Dispo Tour (8 hours)

    An eight-hour excursion where our limousine will be fully available to you to meet any needs and lead you to the most picturesque locations of Lake Como, such as Cernobbio, Moltrasio, Torno, Tremezzo, Bellagio, Menaggio, and Varenna.